Traction chains are available in different versions. They are applied for escalators and can also be used for other industrial purposes.

Escalator type Chain type
ЭТ-2, ЭТ-2М Т-200-1100-М-У3
ЭТ-3, ЭТ-3М, ЭТ-30 Т-200-710-М-У3
ЭТ-4 Т-200-450-М-У3
ЭТ-5, ЭТ-5М, ЭТ-12, ЭТ-12П Т-100-250-М-У3
ЭП-11 (11М), ЭП-12 (12Р), ЭП-21 (21М), ЭП-30 (30К, 30КП) Т-100-130-М-У3
Е 25Т Т-133,3-450-У3
Е 75Т Т-200-1200-У3
ЛТ-1 Т-200-1300-У3
ЛТ-2 Т-200-1300-У3
ЛТ-3 Т-200-900-У3
Н-40, ЭМ-4 (5;5,5) Т-135-1100-У3
ЛТ-4 (5) Т-133-450-У3
ТК 65 Т-200-1225-У3
ЭС02 Т-133,3-875-У3
ЭС03 Т-133,3-445-У3
ЭС04 Т-133,3-220-У3
 Information and technical specification of the traction chains.

Typeof escalator Type of traction chains STRUCTURAL FEATURES The LLC “METROesk” in 2004 carried out major repairs of 1518 SKET steps, installed in 1998 on ones of the busiest stations of Saint-Petersburg metro (station “Pionerskaya”, station “Chkalovskaya”). During the repairs it was required to restore the paint coating of step frames, to replace the part of additional runners of the escalators and 100% of the flooring, rig and riser. There was no need identified to restore the geometry stage of the step, the framework elements, semi-axial seats for any step. The entire batch of 1518 steps has been returned to service after repairs.

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